Bondi Beach Mural 2019

In the winter of 2019, Waverley Council gave us the opportunity to paint our first mural and what a place to paint a first bloody mural! Nervous and excited, Tash and I headed down to Bondi beach and got crackin' on the wall. Being our first mural, we definitely made some mistakes (wrong brushes, undercoat prep time etc.), but overall we were so stoked with the finished work. It took us three days in total and what a beautiful experience it was painting in the sunshine, glancing at the surf and chit chatting with the locals and visitors. Tash even paddled out for a quick surf and caught the best wave of her life!

Brentos Bondi Mural 2019

Bondi is naturally a place of fun, sun and surf and for this mural I wanted to capture that same playful spirit and make it appeal to visitors and locals of all ages. I filled my work with quirky Aussie wildlife characters (of course) with a backdrop of abstract trees and boomerang shapes. The surfing Koala is the hero of the piece and this little guy is a recurring motif in my work which serves as a subtle nod to the plight of our beautiful Koalas.

Brentos Bondi Beach Mural

The piece was installed over 3 days with paint, rollers and brushes. It's still on the wall as of writing so if you're ever in Bondi go down and check it out along with work from other local and international street artists and graffiti writers.

Brentos Bondi Mural Panarama

Here’s a few more photos of the process. What an experience we had painting this mural and fingers crossed we get to head back down to Bondi again to paint another one.

Brentos Bondi Beach Mural Process