Gallery Wall Guide

Gallery Wall Measuring and Hanging Guide

Creating your gallery wall can be a rad experience and it's much easier than you think! With a measuring tape, a drill and screws (or command hooks), you'll have your art hung up and your space transformed in no time.

Before you choose your gallery wall, ensure your framed prints will fit on your desired wall. To do this, note the width and height of each of your framed prints, and add some space in between each framed print. We recommend between 8cm - 15cm between prints depending on the size of your wall.

If you're ordering our recycled timber frames, the measurements for those are:

A4: 24.2cm (W) x 33cm (H)
A3: 33cm (W) x 45.5cm (H)
A2: 45.5cm (W) x 63cm (H)
A1: 63cm (W) x 87.5cm (H)


Measure the Wall: Before you buy your gallery wall prints, measure the width of your wall and determine how wide you want your gallery wall to be. This will help you pick the right gallery wall and determine the spacing between each print.

Measure the Hanging Points: When your prints arrive, measure the hanging points for each frame. The hanging point is where the back string of the frame becomes taut. Measure the distance between the taut string and the top of the frame. It’s important to locate and measure this point for each frame as it may vary between frames (even if they’re the same size).

Arrange Your Prints: Lay out your framed prints on the floor or a large table in the desired arrangement. Play around with different layouts and spacing until you find a layout that you like.

Measure the Spacing: Measure the distance between each print. Aim for an 8-15cm gap between each framed print for a balanced look.

Nailing/Command Strip Hook Installation:

Mark the Hanging Points: For each print, mark the hanging points on the wall with a pencil. Alternatively, you can mark, nail and hang one print at a time and measure, install and hang each subsequent print.

Use a Level: Use a level to ensure that each print will hang straight.

Option 1: Nailing (Drilling a Screw): For each print, drill a small screw into the wall where your hanging point is marked. Hang your print on the screw.

Option 2: Command Strip Hook: Alternatively, if you prefer not to drill holes, you can use removable command strip hooks. Follow the instructions provided with the command strips to attach them securely to the wall. Then, hang your print from the hook.


Adjust as Needed: As your gallery wall comes to life, step back and take a look at your gallery wall. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the spacing is even and that the prints are hanging straight.

Enjoy Your Gallery Wall: Once everything is hung to your satisfaction, step back and admire your beautiful gallery wall! Compliment your new wall with paired furniture, indoor plants and accessories.