Australian Animals From Beach to Bush (Signed Copy)


Australia is home to many unique animals. Let's see how many we can meet in Australian Animals From Beach to Bush!

Find Humpback Whales in coral reefs, seek out Australian Sea Lions in kelp forests, search for Short-Nosed Wombats on mountains and spot Saltwater Crocodiles in wetlands.

This is Australia's native wildlife as you have never seen before: a dreamy, pastel-popping meditation on these special animals, their conservation status and what we can do to protect them, from award-nominated artist Brentos.


Explore Australia’s unique ecosystems

From vibrant coral reefs to bustling mountain tops, each spread in Australian Animals From Beach to Bush explores Australia's rich and diverse ecosystems and the animals that call them home.

Seek and find hundreds of Australian animals

Hidden within tree hollows, behind native wildflowers and in plain sight are hundreds of species of Australian animals to find within each ecosystem.

Learn about species' conservation status

Some species are not just hard to find in this book but are also hard to find in the wild. As you explore each spread, you will learn about various species' conservation status.

Find Australia's endangered animals

Find out which Australian animals are facing the threat of extinction and in which habitats.

Learn about Australia's extinct animals

Sadly some animals that once roamed Australia's bushlands and beaches are now extinct. As we turn the final page, you'll learn about Australia's extinct animals.

Discover how you can help Australian animals

There many ways you can connect with nature and help Australian animals. Find out some ways you can get involved within Australian Animals From Beach to Bush

Signed by Brentos

Every copy of Australian Animals From Beach to Bush is hand-signed by the illustrator before it leaves our studio.

A book that helps native Australian wildlife.

With every copy of Australian Animals From Beach to Bush sold, Brentos donates 3% of royalty earnings and Affirm Press donates 3% gross profits to WIRES.